• Experience Lavish Bathing with Bath Bombs

    Who Loves Bath Bombs? Me!!


    There is a new rage today running around the world, and you know what I mean, Right?  The bubbly fun that gets you hooked leaves your skin smooth and scented.

    Canada has a large number of bath bomb artists present locally. You can find them on Amazon and eBay as well. If you want, search for Bath Bombs for kids in Canada, and you will get your results.

    www.heavenlysoapworks.com has an excellent collection of bath bombs.


    Bath Bombs? What Is It?


    Well, let me answer your question. If you have no clue of bath bombs, you are missing out on the fun it has and all the excitement. They are the classy addition to your bathing experience.


    Bath bombs are the just fist size balls of lavish ingredients which explode into spectacular colors leaving bubble with the scent all over. Once you are done bathing, your skin will have the pleasant fragrance fostered by the unique components of bath bombs.


    Because Bath Bombs are for Everyone


    I'm giving you few reasons for considering them:


    1. Low price-

    The initial costs of bath bombs are quite low based on the ingredients you have at your home. Their recipe is easy and does not take much time to make as they are solid and petite. Also, the inventory is easy to store in a small space.


    2)    Customization ease-

    Use unique product in its making to differentiate every bomb. I will provide you the necessary recipe for it.


    Bath bombs have gained a lot of popularity over a few years worldwide. It seems like the worldwide traction is not dying any soon. It is an activity to be carried when you feel the spring is not coming soon. Well, do it anyway, in any season, if you want to.

    The Basic Types are:


    1. Elementary Bath Bombs
    2. Bubble gum Bath Bombs
    3. Juicy/Glitter Bath Bombs
    4. Coconut/cupcake Bath Bombs and many more


    The Secret Recipe:


    Choose your type of bath bombs. Once you get settles on one, choose the ingredients accordingly. You can add flavors as well.

    The basic recipe will remain same for all while you customize the themes for it.

    The ingredients required are Mineral salt, water, essential oil (fragrance of your choice), citric acid, corn starch, food color, vegetable oil, and baking soda.

    If you don't have any of it at home, look around for your daily needs merchant or your grocery store, and you will surely find it there.

    Round shaped molds are required for perfectly round bath bombs. You can always go for other interesting shapes, if not round.

    Preferably, buy silicon molds as they are more suitable for it and are easy to handle. You can search online Bath Bombs for Sale and choose the best one according to your needs

    Now follow the step-

    1) Blend the dry ingredients in a bowl

    2) Mix your wet ingredients in a bowl

    3) Mix the wet and dry ingredients in a bowl

    4) Pack the mix into a bowl and freeze for an hour

    5) Remove the bath bowl clearly and store them in an air-tight container.


    Kids love them as much as adults. They like its fizz and the fragrance it brings to your whole body. Bath Bombs for Kids in Canada are suitable for babies as well since they have sensitive skin. As they are handmade, bath bombs do not affect your baby's skin.


    Drop the bath bombs into the bath and enjoy the lavish bathing experience.

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